2022 Best Places to Work in Maine

Yesterday we were excited to learn that Acadia Benefits was awarded #1 Small Employer for the 2022 Best Places to Work in Maine. It is quite an honor to be included alongside such an impressive list of businesses! Thank you to our team for all you do to support our customers, carrier partners, and most … Continued

Employee Advocate Resources for Employees

It’s hard to believe I am coming upon 6 months working at Acadia Benefits. Wow, it certainly has gone by quickly and I have really enjoyed my time getting to know our team, customers, employees, and carrier partners. Thank you to everyone who has supported and guided me over the last few months! One of … Continued

Annual Renewal Timeline for Large Group Customers

One of the valuable tools Acadia Benefits provides our medium to large-sized group customers (50 + employees) is a well-defined renewal process. Having an outline of what needs to be completed, and when, allows our team to better provide support and guidance to our customers throughout the year. Our goal is to put together strategies … Continued

Tips from Sara: Filing a Disability Claim

Filing a disability claim can be stressful, especially if you’ve just experienced an accident or have been diagnosed with an illness. I put together a few helpful tips below, including what to expect and ways to expedite the process. Need to file a disability claim? Here’s what to do. Contact your HR department to let … Continued

IRS Announces 2023 HSA and HDHP Amounts

The IRS recently issued Revenue Procedure 2022-24 to announce the 2023 inflation-adjusted amounts that apply to health savings accounts (HSAs) and high-deductible health plans (HDHPs).  The newly announced figures include the maximum contribution limit for an HSA, the minimum permissible deductible for an HDHP, and the maximum limit on out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., deductibles, copayments, and … Continued

The Value of Employee Advocacy

It’s been a few months since I joined the Acadia Benefits team as our Employee Advocate.  I was fortunate to be trained by Paula Green, who recently retired after spending over 20 years in this role.   My colleagues have been very welcoming and helpful in getting me up to speed on what I need … Continued

Employee Benefit Technology Trends

The last two years have brought a lot of change to our world and the impact on employee benefits has been substantial.  In the fall of 2019 and early winter of 2020, my calendar was filled with travel to support our customers’ open enrollment meetings throughout the country.  This included face-to-face presentations and in-person employee … Continued

Benefits of Working with a Local Broker

As we approach open enrollment and January 1st renewals, it’s a great opportunity to look at the relationship you have with your benefits broker to ensure you are receiving the services and support needed.  Here are a few areas that Acadia Benefits prides itself on offering our customers.  As you think about your current relationship … Continued

UBA Fall Conference and Recognizing Vicki

I was recently fortunate enough to take part in the United Benefit Advisors (UBA’s) 2021 Fall Conference.  The hybrid event offered the opportunity for members of our team to collaborate, connect, and share wisdom with other employee benefit firms, both in-person and virtually.  The conference included two inspirational keynotes, education sessions, and the ability to … Continued

The Value of Employee Benefits in a Tight Labor Market

I saw a job posting by a local restaurant online this week that read “like everyone else in the galaxy, we are hiring.”  While I appreciated the humor, I could feel the frustration in the sentiment.  You have seen the signs taped to local businesses’ doors, shared on social media, and notifications about hiring events … Continued