Employee Advocate

Employee Advocate services are available for all employees and dependents to ensure issues are resolved timely, accurately and seamlessly.

Our customers and their employees pay a lot for their benefits and we want to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Dealing with claims, referrals, and making sense of bills can be overwhelming and complicated for many, and after getting feedback from our customers we created a dedicated Employee Advocate.

Employees and their dependents can contact our Employee Advocate to help with:

  • Claims resolution
  • Referral and authorization assistance
  • Issues pertaining to prescription drug coverage

Paula has worked with our customers and their employees for over 20 years. She has an excellent understanding of insurance and what is required to “work within the system” to obtain timely resolution to problems. We ask that employees and/or dependents contact the carrier at least once to resolve their issue. If assistance is still needed, please contact Paula, via email or phone:

Email: pgreen@acadiabenefits.com
Phone: 207.523.0065
Toll-Free: 866.761.2426
Fax: 207.761.0976

Paula has resolved thousands of cases for employees since 2000. Her services are provided at no cost to our customers or their employees.