What Is Your Plan?

We talk a lot about our talented Acadia Benefits team and the great value-added services we provide our customers.  I am sure you have heard about our Employee Advocate, benchmarking, compliance resources, partnership with ThinkHR, UBA affiliation, and more.  We are proud of the services that we provide our customers and their employees and are pretty good at sharing it.

One of the areas we do not talk enough about is the work we do to create short and long-term benefit strategies in partnership with our customers.  Our goal is to put together strategies to support our customers’ employees while ensuring a comprehensive and affordable benefit plan.  The foundation of our approach is to listen and learn about our customers, employees, and their business.  This is an ongoing conversation so we can understand your business and tailor our benefit planning to the challenges and direction of your organization.  Based on this information we determine which employee benefit strategies to implement and create a 3–5-year plan.

We focus on three main areas when creating a strategic plan for your benefits: plan design, member engagement, and risk management.  We implement different tools and strategies within each area and use this to create a roadmap to design your program, identify carriers, work with vendors to implement the strategies, build employee engagement, and track program results.  We revisit your plan during our mid-year and renewal meetings and adjust, as necessary.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can put together a long-term plan for your employees’ benefits, please let me know.  I would be happy to share how we can help create short and long-term benefit strategies for your business.



Scott McKee