Tips from Paula: Benefits of Pharmacy Home Delivery

Have you been considering switching to home delivery for your maintenance prescriptions, but haven’t made the time to do the steps involved to make that happen?  In light of social distancing and “shelter in place” guidelines due to the Coronavirus, now is great time to make the change. 

Going to the pharmacy to pick up medications can be worrisome right now.  By switching to home delivery, you can remain safely in your home while your medications are delivered straight to your mailbox.  You may also see significant cost savings by making this switch.  I recently switched a 90-day maintenance drug to mail order and was able to obtain the 3-month supply for the cost of 2-months.  In this case, I saved $50.

The mail order vendor will also set up automatic refills, so no need to set up reminders to get a refill. They will also reach out directly to your physician if any refills need to be authorized.  You can start the process by calling the customer service number on your health insurance ID card, and the representatives will gladly assist.  

What better time to change to this convenient, secure, and cost-saving benefit. You will also avoid lines and exposure to illness.

Please contact me directly with any questions and I am happy to help.  

 Paula Green