The Value of Businesses Offering Identity Theft Benefits to Employees

With the recent increase in identity theft, both individuals and businesses are recognizing the importance of protecting personal information. In this digital age, employers have a unique opportunity to support their employees by offering identity theft benefits. These benefits enhance employee peace of mind, strengthen loyalty, and contribute to long-term employee retention.

What are identity theft benefits?
Identity theft benefits are specialized services designed to help individuals monitor, detect, and mitigate the risk of identity theft. These services typically offer a range of features and tools to safeguard personal information and help in the event of an identity theft incident. Common services provided by identity theft protection programs may include:

  • Credit Monitoring: Identity theft services often include credit monitoring, which involves continuous monitoring of an individual’s credit reports for any suspicious activity or unauthorized changes. If any unusual activity is detected, the service alerts the individual, enabling them to take prompt action to mitigate potential damage.
  • Identity Monitoring: This feature involves monitoring various sources, including online databases and public records, to detect any unauthorized use or exposure of personal information. Identity monitoring can help identify instances where personal data, such as Social Security numbers or addresses, are being used fraudulently.
  • Identity Restoration Assistance: In the unfortunate event of identity theft, these services offer professional guidance and support to help individuals navigate the process of reclaiming their identity. They may provide dedicated case managers who work with victims to dispute fraudulent charges, restore credit, and resolve any legal or financial implications.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Dark web monitoring involves scanning underground forums and websites where stolen personal information is often traded or sold. By monitoring these channels, identity theft services can identify instances where an individual’s data is being traded and promptly notify them.

Recently we have supported our customers in adding identity theft services to their employee benefits package. We partner with a variety of vendors offering these programs and we work with each customer to select a service that aligns with their needs and preferences.

If you are interested in learning more about the different identity theft benefit options available for your business, please contact our team. These programs are easy to implement and are available at little to no cost to your company. Your employees will thank you for offering protection in today’s connected and vulnerable digital landscape.


Scott McKee