Tips from Paula: The Importance of Verifying Approval

Did you know that many medical procedures require your insurance company to authorize the procedure in advance?  There is often confusion about who is responsible to verify that the approval has taken place. 

Your doctor will request the approval and relay that information to the patient once it’s obtained.  However, you can’t assume the approval has happened even though your doctor has requested it. 

It is always prudent for you to call your insurance company BEFORE your procedure to ensure all the authorizations are in place.  Your doctor may tell you everything is in place, and normally that is the case.  But occasionally communication breaks down and if it does, you could be left with a large medical bill that needs to be appealed.

I always recommend that our customers follow-up with their insurance company before having any surgeries, imaging, tests, etc. performed, to be sure that the authorization is recorded and approved.

Please contact me directly with any questions and I am happy to help.  

 Paula Green