The Importance of Transparency and a Proactive Approach

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through 2024 and summer certainly feels like it has started with a bang. Like most everyone in Maine, I welcome the warm weather and sunshine and have enjoyed spending time with my 4-year-old at the lake. It’s hard to believe that summer is in full swing!

At Acadia Benefits, our team uses these summer months to continue valuable strategic discussions and planning with our customers as we look toward January 1, 2025 renewals. Even though groups renew their benefits once a year, our support and guidance are provided throughout all four seasons. We are transparent with our customers about what they will expect from our team, including a detailed outline of how the upcoming year will unfold. Being proactive with our customers throughout the entire year leads to a successful renewal and open enrollment. This forward-thinking approach includes sharing and reviewing claims data, discussing market trends and new products available in the employee benefit space, and setting expectations before renewal delivery so there are no surprises. During these discussions, we also learn what is happening at their business and how any potential changes could impact their employees and benefits.

Now more than ever, companies have to work harder to attract and retain the best employees, and the benefits offered are a critical tool in running a successful business. We take our role as a broker very seriously because it is our job to ensure our customers have all the information needed to make informed decisions about their current benefits, and additional programs available to them. It is imperative that these discussions happen at different points throughout the year, not just prior to renewal. Below please find an overview of what our process looks like for a medium to large-sized group with a January 1st renewal, where our team ensures the following occurs throughout each calendar year:


For over 34 years, Acadia Benefits has been successful in building long-term relationships with our customers. We are transparent with our groups about what to expect and form true partnerships by working together to find the best employee benefit options for each business. By connecting with each customer throughout the year, we can better tailor our solutions and provide customized support.

Have questions about how our team can support your business throughout the year? I am happy to share more about our proactive approach to the renewal process, and how we can help your business, employees, and family members, so please get in touch with me anytime. Enjoy your summer!


Our Summer Adventures Have Begun!



Kate  Malloy