Pharmacy Discount Coupons

As drug costs to continue to rise, patients are seeing more and more of their previously covered drugs being dropped from their insurance carriers’ formulary. This often results in out of pocket costs for the drugs to skyrocket by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.

Thankfully, many drug manufacturers have developed a “drug card and coupon” program to assist with costs.  A patient would go to the drug company’s website, or mobile app, plug in their drug’s name, and their zip code.  The website then lists the pharmacies in their area that participate, along with the cost of the drug with the coupon’s discount.

Some of the websites that we find user friendly are and One note:  when using these drug coupons, the cost is not run through the medical insurance card, therefore, no charges will automatically be applied to deductible accumulators. In some instances, you may be able to file a paper claim and the claim will be applied to the deductible. Check with your insurance carrier ahead of time if this is something you want to do.

We encourage our customers to visit these websites when they find a drug is no longer covered by their plan.  You can always contact me directly with any questions and I am happy to help you navigate this too!


  Paula Green