Meet the Sara(h)s!

If within the last year, you have thought to yourself… there seem to be a lot of Sara(h)s that work at Acadia Benefits… you are correct, there are! We’ve recently tripled our Sara(h) roster and thought it would be fun to share more about what we do and a little more about each of us.

Introducing Sarah… and Sara… and Sara!
  • Sara Pinto (aka the OG) – To make things less confusing, Vicki renamed me the OG. This seems fitting considering I am the senior Sara(h) on the team! I joined Acadia Benefits in 2016 and in my current role, oversee marketing and creative content. A few things people may not know about me? I attended an all-girls high school, I’m not on social media but I do spend (waste?) a lot of time on YouTube, and my 8-year son is already a more skilled biker and skier than me!
  • Sarah Tirado – Sarah joined Acadia Benefits in 2021 and keeps our team organized and on task! She ensures our office runs smoothly and we all have what we need to help our customers and each other. A few fun facts about Sarah include she is a self-proclaimed “low-key science nerd” studying behavioral neuroscience in college, presenting her work at a national conference where the Dalai Lama spoke. She was a competitive gymnast for many years and still has the strength to do more pull-ups than most adult men. She has been an x-ray tech for the past 13 years, working in a level 1 trauma center.
  • Sara Closson – Sara has been with our team for almost a year, although it feels like she has been part of Acadia Benefits for much longer! Sara is our Employee Advocate and supports our customers’ employees when they have benefit-related insurance issues. You can learn more about Sara and the services she provides here. You may not know that Sara was a competitive figure skater in high school (yes, complete with sequin outfits and 90s music!) Her favorite food is pizza and has been since she was little.  She has a cat named Rocky that will dominate and destroy anything that stands in the way of mealtime.

The three of us work closely together, so if you ever need assistance, contact us and we will point you in the right direction of the Sara(h) that can help. You can also visit the Our Team page of our website for an overview of our roles at Acadia Benefits, here.

Did you know in addition to 3 Sara(h)s we also have Scott, Shelly, Sasha, Susan, and Sheryl on our team? Maybe we will take a deeper dive into what that means sometime in the future. But for now, we certainly do have a thing for names that start with S!




Sara Pinto