Know Who Your Vision Carrier Is

As benefits advisors, we are always looking for ways to find the best benefits for our customers.   Consequently, we may offer new and innovative ways for employers to cut costs, while still offering plans with viable coverage.

One of those changes may be seen in vision plans. In the past, several carriers would offer routine eye exams and discounts for hardware embedded into their medical plans.   Members would simply present their medical ID card to the eye doctor’s office, and everything was filed and processed with the medical carrier.

There are now several separate vision plans being presented to our customers. One example is the Blue View Vision (B.V.V.) plan, through Anthem Blue Cross. Blue View Vision uses a separate network of providers, separate claim forms, ID number, customer service number, etc. In this case, it is very important that members not use their Anthem medical card when obtaining eye care. They should present their Blue View Vision card and ask the provider to bill accordingly. If the provider is not in the B.V.V. network, the patient will have to file the claim themselves.

By not following this procedure, claims will be held up and consequently denied by the medical side. It is important to note that claims not automatically forwarded by Anthem medical over to Blue View Vision.

As always, we strongly recommend that employees know and understand their benefits before obtaining services.