Tips from Paula: Is Your Contact Information Up-to-Date?

When you complete an application or enrollment form for insurance coverage for medical, dental, disability, etc, you are required to include personal information such as your mailing address, phone number, and contact email.  It is important that your insurance providers have your correct contact information because carriers do reach out from time to time to discuss claims and eligibility issues.

For example, a member may be out on disability and the carrier needs to reach to inquire about a missing medical record.  If the phone number the carrier has on file has changed, the carrier has no way of reaching the individual. This may result in delays in processing that all-important disability check.  The same goes for a medical plan.   ID cards and other important changes to medical benefit plans are sent out directly from your carrier.  The carrier cannot track down the large volume of returned mail, and in turn, the member may not be receiving important correspondence.

You can update your personal information by making a quick phone call to the number on your insurance ID card.  You may also be able to log in to your carrier portal and edit the information online.

Please contact me directly with any questions and I am happy to help.



Paula Green