Tips from Paula: Establishing a Relationship with your Primary Care Physician

During our open enrollment presentations, and here on our blog, we often remind our customers of the importance of wellness exams with our Primary Care Physicians (PCPs).  The benefits of these wellness exams are not just health-related.  We are finding more and more that it is extremely important for patients to establish a relationship with their PCP up front, and not wait until services, referrals, or prescriptions are needed.

For example, many doctors will not write a prescription refill if they have never met the patient. They may also deny writing a referral to a specialist without seeing the patient first.  Conversely, if the patient has a good relationship with their doctor, and the doctor knows their background and history, they may be amenable to waiving the need for an office visit before they will refer a patient on to a specialist.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that patients book that annual exam with their PCP every year. Not only is it covered in full under the Affordable Care Act, but it will begin to build that necessary doctor/patient relationship for the future.

Please contact me directly with any questions and I am happy to help.

Paula Green