Employee Advocate Resources for Employees

It’s hard to believe I am coming upon 6 months working at Acadia Benefits. Wow, it certainly has gone by quickly and I have really enjoyed my time getting to know our team, customers, employees, and carrier partners. Thank you to everyone who has supported and guided me over the last few months!

Click above to “Meet Sara – Your Employee Advocate”

One of my goals is to spread the word about the Employee Advocacy services and support I  provide our customers’ employees and family members. The world of insurance and employee benefits continues to leave people frustrated and helpless when issues arise. Not only is dealing with insurance-related issues confusing but also exhausting.

We will regularly start sharing more blog posts, animated videos, and other educational resources to help engage employees and family members. I hope you will check out the “Meet Sara – Your Employee Advocate” animated video that we recently created. It provides an overview of how I can assist, what types of issues I am able to help with, and how to get in touch.

Please reach out if you have any questions or need additional support, I am always available to help. You also visit the Employee Advocate page on our website, here.


Sara Closson
Employee Advocate
Phone: 207.523.0065
Toll-Free: 866.761.2426